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Personal Training

Training on the go

Humans must be able to push and pull, squat and hinge, carry and crawl. Whether its playing a sport, doing your job or simply living an active life, it’s your functional strength that makes you fit for what you do.  


Athletes demand a lot from their body; in order to optimize performance, you must maximize your potential. Many athletes focusing primarily on their sport get stuck in repetitive patterns. This over use can lead to muscle imbalances and injuries. Athletes should engage in cross training and a good recovery program to supplement their sport. 

Train hard, recover harder!

Maximize your whole body's potential through proper strength and conditioning, nutrition and recovery.   As a result, you will be more dynamic and efficient in everything you do.

Move often, move well, and move with intention!



  • Optimize Sports Performanc

  • Proper Exercise Technique

  • Improve 3- Dimensional Loaded and Unloaded Movement

  • Create muscle balance

  • Focus on Performance Recovery

  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass 

  • Improve Body Composition

  • Increase Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Increase Range of Motion

  • Incorporate Trigger Point Therapy 

  • Decrease chronic pain



  • Personalized programming

  • Increase accountability

  • Gain support and guidance

  • Lifestyle Coaching​​​

  • Goal setting

  • Habit tracking

  • Injury Prevention​

  • Nutritional Coaching


Train on the go

  • In the comfort of your own home/gym

  • Neighboring fields/tracks

  • Harrison's garage gym

  • Virtual Personal training

  • Personalized training programs​​


Meet your trainer


Lead Personal Trainer

Harrison Mercado

Text 908-405-3395


The Service

Treat HEALTH as your WEALTH,

invest in yourself and

thrive in your environments! 

Be stubborn about your goals,

but flexible about your methods!


Get creative with your training to compliment your lifestyle. Whether at the gym, in your home, with your team or traveling, "Training on the Go" works with your goals and needs. 

  • Private Personal Training

  • Small Group Training

  • Family Workouts

  • Team Strength and Conditioning

  • Virtual Personal Training

  • Nutritional Coaching

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