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   Everyone has their own story.. To the public, you may know me professionally as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Fitness Instructor, Wellness Ambassador. Personally you may know me as Harrison’s wife, the youngest kid of the Greenman Family, an Aunt to 7 nieces and nephews, a daughter to very supportive and loving parents, a sister, a friend, an influencer. Yes, these are ALL my identities, and I am VERY proud of each. But what if I am just a woman exploring the potential of what these identities mean and how I can continue to impact others in these roles? One isn’t better than the other, and the more I invest into my identity, the more roles I encounter and the more unknown I unfold.  


   However you may “know me” (like my pun?!), there is an exterior presentation that is confident, determined to succeed, striving to help others, physically fit and emotionally loving. Yet, internally I battle to manage my chronic neck and hip pain, put too much pressure on doing right by others, feeling totally disorganized and running out of time. I constantly “dwell” on how my future will unfold and get so wrapped up with the expectations and my achievements. I could go on with more insecurities.. BUT I choose to narrate my story with different words. I make this effort everyday to remind myself good and bad stress constantly surrounds me and my loved ones but the importance of perspective and mindfully setting intentions is a tool to cope with everyday "triggers".

   By shifting my thought process , I am able to see my goals and accomplishments differently. I see gratitude, appreciation and feel fulfilled. I condition myself to focus on the silver linings, appreciate how my negative experiences brought out my true lessons and potentials, and respect that my role and identity continue to change the more I challenge myself in life.


   I’ve come to realize this needs to be a DAILY practice, for life tests us every single day! Some days are not as hard as others… OR really it’s some days are easier than others. Once we choose the right words and focus on the YES in life, our negatives become our strengths. My mission which is woven through my professional work is to always be a guide, showing you through my support how much potential you have in this world!


    Stress surrounds each and every one of us daily, both good and bad. Each day should be be an opportunity to heal ourselves by connecting our mind to our body and break pain cycles within your life.  Healing doesn’t mean changing who you are. It’s about changing how you feel about who you are. How you view yourself is constantly evolving and taking care of yourself should be a daily practice.  Let's work together to bring out our successes!


“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

Certifications & Professional Work
"Wellness ambassador" Specializing in custom care to Enhance your health and wellbeing within your environment

Clinical Massage Therapist with NCBTMB since 2011.

Fitness Instructor with NASM certification since 2013. 

Referral Real Estate Agent and Wellness Ambassador with the Pollock Properties Group of KW since 2020.

Accountability Coach for weight loss & clean eating with Sugar Snap Shift since 2022. 


To know me is to love me... here's MY STORY!

  • Born and raised in South Orange, NJ until 18 years old.

  • Following in legacy from my dad, brother and sister, I attended UVM for college. 

  • I swam from age 5-21 and swam Division 1 for 3 years. 

  • I quit the first day of practice my senior year of college because I was “burnt out” both mentally and physically.

  • My body pain, negative mindset and my lack of identity created an unhealthy routine and views of myself and body. My entire senior year was the hardest transition of my life.

  • I moved to Hawaii after college and attended Hawaii Healing Arts College for Massage Therapy with the hope of rebuilding, resetting, redirecting and learning how to integrate more self care into my lifestyle. 

  • I lived in Hawaii for 3 years and used that time to “find myself” as a young adult. 

  • As I embarked on my career in Massage Therapy, I also earned my Personal Training License. My goal was to expand my ability to better serve my clientele with other ways to take care of their bodies in all stages of life.

  • My career path and vision was positively unfolding, but being so far away from my family, I started to see the importance of proximity to my family for my own health and wellbeing. 

  • In 2013, I decided to move back to NJ to be closer to my growing family and committed to building my practice in NJ. 

  • From 2013-2015, I worked at Madison Medical as their clinical Massage Therapist while also working as a Fitness Instructor at the bari studio in Summit. Being a former athlete looking to continue with my own growth of movement, I found a passion in teaching classes. I saw the benefits of building a community of support (or team like atmosphere) through movement. Through teaching fitness,  I also conquered my fear of public speaking and gained another level of confidence. THAT confidence and insight gave me the drive to follow my passion for massage and open up my own business. 

  • I created "Welcome Back Massage" in 2015, where I owned my own business for 1 year. I LOVED having my own business and watching my creativity in building my own massage practice unfold in this role. But I was lonely, an inexperienced business woman and not in the right environment. 

  • In 2016, I saw an opportunity to move my business into a newly built vision and business, PSP (Precision Sports Performance) to expand in ways I could connect to people. There, I formed the "Precision Squad", a signature workout utilizing my drive as a former athlete, my NASM certification and my knowledge of trampoline conditioning. 

  • After 4 consistent years, the Pandemic hit. My career and my wedding all went on pause and I was left figuring out how to keep my business, my newly purchased house and my relationship thriving. That year unfolded my vulnerability but also surfaced my character, my strength and my motivation. Through the obstacles, I am proud to announce that I got married June 2021, said good-bye to PSP and revamped my original business from 2015 into "Well-come Back Services". 

  • Being at home during the pandemic, I felt how much my home impacted my sense of security and had so much effect on my stress levels and quality of life. So, taking advantage in the pause in my reality,  I took this opportunity educate myself on another way I can help assist people finding an environment they can thrive in. 

  • I became a Real Estate Agent and was fortunate to join my mom on her stellar team: Pollock Properties Group of Keller Williams in October of 2020. I knew the values, mindset, work ethics and  energy of this team was the perfect fit to complimenting my vision. Vanessa Pollock’s motto “Care. Serve. Give.” aligns with my purpose and I realized everything I have done prior is a "YES AND" approach. I am happy to merge all the lessons of my careers, and become the Wellness Ambassador for the PPG Team and the client's and communities we serve.

  • As I continued to support people within their environments, I also continued to expand on ways I can help assist people on building healthier lifestyles on the daily. One big piece of the puzzle is nutrition! So in 2022, I joined Sugar Snap Shift, a personalized text-based accountability coaching business that focuses on losing excess body weight and utilizing food as medicine to decrease inflammation within the body and to enhance their health and well-being!

  • So my story has unfolded Well-Come Back Services, a constantly evolving business that provides a multitude of services, modalities and tools to enhance one's health and well-being within their internal and external environment and different stages of their life and goals!

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