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Touching the Surface


The benefits:

  • Creates longevity and connection within the mind & body

  • Reduces and prevents injuries

  • Decreases tension, pain, muscle soreness and inflammation 

  • Decreases stress, anxiety, depression

  • Increases mindfulness and relaxation

  • Increases blood flow and energy

  • Enhances exercise performance

  • Improves immune function

  • Improves sleep quality 

  • Builds a healthier life!

   Don't wait until vacation to relax, recover and reset.


   Stress surrounds us on a daily basis, and as humans we all need to figure out ways to cope and manage these stressors. Massage shouldn't be thought of as a luxury, rather it should be a resource for taking care of your health and well-being. The beauty with massage is it can be utilized for so many different goals and intentions, making it a great option for whatever life challenges you may be navigating. Make it a priority all year round and watch your growth unfold.  


   Your session will take into consideration your lifestyle, stage in life, goals, history of injuries/pain, emotional state and with Nomi, you will strategically create a “Wellness Plan of Action” for self care. 

   Your session can integrate Clinical Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Wear& Tear Focus, Pre & Postnatal, Reiki/Energy Work and Cupping Therapy/Myofascial Release. 

Who can get a massage?



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The Service

How it works:

I bring everything to your home!

Massage Table, Linens, Oil, Music and Cupping (optional)

Treat HEALTH as your WEALTH, invest in yourself and thrive in your environments! 

Being a mobile business, Massage and Movement can be brought to other environments in which you participate in and utilized within your community.

  • Work Wellness Events

  • Personal Wellness Events

  • Golf  Tournaments

  • Birthday Parties

  • Sporting Events

  • School Events

  • Gift Certificates for friends, family & co-workers

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Pain Management

  • seek relief from everyday aches and pains

  • release the body from chronic pain

  • stiffness, soreness, spasms, aches, numbness/tingling


Injury Prevention/


  • used as recovery from physical activities

  • combat the wear and tear on the body due to lifestyle demands

  • improve overall quality of function ability

  • prevent and correct muscle imbalances 

  • create longevity: prevent “burning out”


Overall Wellness

  • general health maintenance

  • connect the body to your mind

  • stress reduction and relaxation

  • build body awareness

  • improve posture and proper joint alignment 

  • effective muscle recruitment

  • increase range of motion


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"In my experience working with Nomi, she’s been: professional, dependable, educated and knowledgeable, an excellent listener, empathetic, extremely hard working, easy to talk to, and as we say in Jersey, she’s good people!"

Scott Hunter/Client

"Nomi is someone who will always care about the person in front of them, and genuinely listens. Not easy to find in the field of health and wellness and it is always noticed in the relationships she maintains and how she treat others. I imagine no matter the service she provides, the client will feel like she is putting their best interest at heart bc she does it seamlessly and genuinely."

Jesse Sattler/Physical Therapist

What's your WHY?
you may have more than one

Bring awareness back to your WHY
and put it into action!

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